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A business acquisition search firm.

Niagara Capital Investments LLC


Our Experience

 Our group has extensive background and training working for a top performing 'Fortune 500' company. This includes leading sales, service and operations teams to high performance.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Development.
  • Product Management and Marketing
  • Sales Pipeline Development and Process Excellence
  • Creating A Winning Culture
  • Change Management 
  • Sales Leadership 
  • Operations Leadership
  • Service Leadership


Our Mission

Energetic and motivated, we are looking to acquire a business with a focus on the long term, managing and operating one company at a high level. 

We Believe:

  • Customers come first, always.
  • Empowered employees grow faster, succeed longer and service customers at a high level. 
  • Take the long view on customer relationships.
  • Developing an organization our workforce is proud to be associated with.
  • Giving back to the professional and  local community is an essential part of our business plan. 

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Niagara Capital Investments LLC